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Fresh Produce Menu

Leafy Greens

Green Leaf Lettuce

Crisp and fresh lettuce leaves, perfect for salads or sandwiches.


Baby Spinach

Nutrient-rich spinach leaves, great for salads or smoothies.


Organic Arugula

Tender arugula leaves with a peppery flavor, ideal for salads.


Tree Nursery

Spruce Sapling

Young spruce tree sapling, suitable for reforestation projects.


Pine Seedling

Healthy pine tree seedling, ready for planting in reclamation areas.


Birch Sapling

Hardy birch tree sapling, ideal for enhancing biodiversity in forests.


Farm Fresh

Vine-Ripened Tomato

Freshly harvested tomatoes, bursting with flavor and nutrients.


English Cucumber

Crisp cucumbers, perfect for salads or snacking.


Organic Strawberries

Juicy strawberries, picked at peak ripeness for maximum sweetness.


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